The Windows (HPO​.​15)




released November 18, 2018

This album was made over a weekend in November 2018 and released as Egg Temple (a blatant rip-off of 2814's Rain Temple).
The original album cover featured an old man lazing around on a supermarket floor, holding a chicken's egg.
It was obvious from the photo that the man truly admired the egg.

When the producer had sobered up, Egg Temple was redacted from stores and streaming services, soon to be re-released as Flappy 離陸 on premier Flap music label Air Flap One.
This time the album cover was a googled picture of Flappy Bird.

One year later, the only track that was remotely Flap related was removed and switched with a Terravapeur remix.
The original Japanese track titles were replaced by brand new English titles, distancing the album even further from the Vaporwave genre.
The new track titles were conceived in under 30 seconds. Which is a world record.

The Windows soundly rests with Intervapeur music label Hollow Point One.

- Stevie Erkul, Internet Music Historian and Master of Kazoo



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